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Forklift Repair & Maintenance

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Heavy Equipment Reconditioning & Paint

Heavy equipment gets a lot of wear and tear and over time it starts to look old and worn. However, when a piece of equipment is properly maintained it will run like new for years. Reconditioning is the best way to keep your equipment looking the way it did the day it was purchased. We specialize in reconditioning forklifts and other heavy equipment. We paint and recondition equipment in all of the Nashville area in Mid-South Tennessee.

Forklift Paint & Reconditioning

We paint and recondition forklifts to look brand new. Every part of the forklift is repainted and reconditioned to remove all visual wear and tear on the lift. Wheels, forks, lifting mechanisms, seats, & the rest are treated so that the entire lift is in perfect aesthetic condition. Our technicians are able to service your lift quickly so that very little downtime is experienced.

Custom Paint & Decals

In addition to reconditioning, we also offer custom paint jobs, logos, and decals for your forklifts or other heavy equipment. We can add your company logo, colors, or any other design you may want. If you have a custom job in mind and would like to discuss it with us, feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to talk about making your equipment stand out from the rest.